Jane (miss_lady_jane) wrote in add_me,

What can I say...?

I use to be into LJ when I was younger. Then I migrated to Facebook and Myspace...and left. Now I'm back.

Only problem is I'm pretty friendless at the moment and would love to meet some new people on here. I do want to clear up two teeny-weeny little minor things before we continue down the rabbit hole:

1. I don't comment unless I have something to contribute. If you expect a lot of comments from your friends, then I'm not the best person to add.

2. With my schedule, I'm lucky if I post once a week. If you are looking for someone that post every single day, then (again) I'm not the best person to add.

Now that that little bit of unpleasantness is out of the way, let me try (as best as a shy girl can) to introduce myself.

Little background:
- I'm a 24 years old female
- I was a former nail tech (still do some nail art on the side)
- I am in college to gain my Bachelors in Social Work and Psychology (I have another 2 years to go...I often post about school)
- I work part-time as a case manager at a local DSS-owned children's home (sometimes I post about the kids or my coworkers...but I never reveal the kids' real names...for confidentiality reasons)
- My life revolves around school and work...
- ...but I do try to date (I'm currently single) and have a social life with my friends
- I'm a Methodist and go to church weekly when I can

I like:
- Working in Photoshop (graphic art and photo manipulating)
- Making jewelry
- Singing
- Writing (poetry and short stories)
- Listening to music (I like all kinds of music, but I LOVE rock and metal)
- Youtube (I spend waaaaay too much time on that site)
- Starbucks
- Cooking
- Reading
- Shopping
- Makeup (its the former beauty expert in me)   :p
- Kids (I act like a big kid sometimes)
- Dreaming   :)

Weird quirks:
- I tend to procrastinate....a lot. Seriously, I'm surprised I get any schoolwork done.   :p
- I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland (the Disney classic that is. I haven't seen the new one...yet)
- I'm close to my mom even though she drives me batty   :)
- I'm not into Twilight (sorry if you are. I won't hold it against you. I promise)   :p
- I'm painfully shy

That's...about it for now. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me. I hope you consider adding me!   :)

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