heyitsambulur (heyitsambulur) wrote in add_me,

its 2:15am, and I like friends :)

 I am going to try and do better than the first post at talking about my self ! :) 

My Name is Amber. You can pretty much call me whatever you want. As long as its nice, of course. I will usually answer to Amber ,Am, Ambulur...the many ways of messing with my name! I am 21 years old. I maybe drink ONCE a month..if that. Not much of a drinker. I was the only sober one on my birthday, haha. 

I am very simple, and usually never straight to the point. I eventually get there though, I promise. I love to talk. I could go on and on given the chance. When I write, I write a lot. There will not be many short posts from me. But what  I write, isnt in StIcKy caps, or all surveys or anything. I write about whats real, and whats really happening. My life had been totally hectic the past couple years, and a journal is a great way of expressing that.

but im a happy person, so dont think that im always sad :)  You may hear  about some of the most important people in my life. My Niece, My Nephew & My God-Daughter :)  I am a very proud Aunt & God-Mama. I have been in a long-distance relationship for close to two years in may, So he gets mentioned a few times as well. he puts the smile on my face :) we are 3.5 hours apart :(

I dont have a set style of music. If i can understand the words, and dont really get a head ache from it, then i listen to it. I have many favorite bands, so if your interested in things like that, lets talk! :) I love photography! I may not be really good at it, but i love taking pictures, and usually always have a camera in my hand. I love make-up, but im no guru. I can be a reality tv show junkie, atleast i admit it ! but it doesnt rule my life. Usually I get annoyed with the tv so i dont watch it too often. I love to read, and write. I take walks just to get outside. I can be completely random. Im a hopeless romantic, and  i cant help it. I love life. I feel blessed daily just to wake up. 

I love my friends & my family. Should you add me, or I add you through this, or any other community, I am not adding you just for numbers. Im adding you because ive taken the time to read what you have posted, and ive looked at your profile & feel like your someone I could get a long with. I dont promise very interesting posts all the time, and I dont promise ill comment on everything you post nor do i expect the same. But I promise to read everything you post.

I really love making friends, and getting to know people. Livejournal can be good for that. The first LJ  i had was when I was 13 years old & My first friend on here, her name was Kate, is still my best friend to this day, and im her daughters god-mom.  :)

So if you find anything ive posted somewhat interesting, please add me :)

hope you guys had a great weekend! :) 

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