kurikuribebi (kurikuribebi) wrote in add_me,

Show me what I'm looking for ♪♭

I'm Kuri. Yo. 21 and in a serious relationship. Working until I can go back to school. I speak a bunch of languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, French and a bit of Korean. In a serious relationship with a guy I'll probably marry once I improve my Japanese.

I live 6 months in Japan, 6 months in the US, on and off, it seems.

I'm Puerto Rican but not the annoying type that runs around screaming "Yo soy Boricua!

Love Purikura, Dancing, Photography, Travel, Reading, Laughing, Drinking, Music, Organizing, Cooking and practical jokes.

I can be stubborn, which just makes my life complicated.
Pretty active on LJ and mixi.
Really boyish and try really hard to be girly.

Used to be a hardcore party-person. I think I spent more time in Shibuya clubs than I do in an actual apartment and consumed enough alcohol to run a bar dry. 

BUT, now I'm trying to break away from that and am looking for people with tons of fun hobbies. I'd also like to make more female friends! I don't have too many IRL. Not that I don't like having so may guy friends...but there are things that only girls get. Y'know? 


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