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Things I Write About

Lightning and Thunder
Poems (I oftentimes would rather write using this format than journal)

About me:
I am stuck in the past, literally and figuratively. I am a very very strange and enjoy being that way. I am a recovering bulimic. I do not drink or do drugs. I am a little Ghost Whisperer although not quite to that degree. I talk to birds and imitate their calls. I gather wild foods in the summertime. I have a son who is almost 2. I always stare at the stars at night because, sometimes, just sometimes, there is something a little extra lurking up there. I am a first grade teacher. I used to be abused and abuse myself but I am shedding that skin a little at a time. My journal is a process of healing for me. Sometimes I am quite ordinary until I wake up from those spells.

If you would like to add me, please commment in my journal or just comment here...

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