The girl who couldn't fly. (edgewayspin) wrote in add_me,
The girl who couldn't fly.

I've been a faithful lj-er for the last five years, however I feel like it's time to create a totally honest and completely anonymous journal in which I can discuss whatever the hell I like whenever the hell I like. All I'll tell you is that I am female and I am of the legal age to partake in everything I do. I promise to give a full, uncompromising account of whatever I choose to share. So, add me, and if you don't like me or what I have to say you can remove me, simple.

Heads up - this journal will not be safe for work. Expect sex, drugs, alcohol, extreme profanity, rants, feelings, but no photographs.

Don't comment here, just add. I'm not going to be selective with my friends.

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