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starting over

hi, my name is lena or meg, I'm 21 and just moved from vienna to berlin.
I'm flat-hunting, job-hunting and drowning in chaos.
I dropped out of college after 2 years as a biology/english major and now finished kaskeline film-summer-school in order to become a screenplay writer and film critic.
In the meantime I skip from job to job, traveling a lot to see the world.
I'm a lot into music, I play the guitar and used to sing in a band back home. I love to read and sketch, play poi, climb roofs, walk around a lot, sail.
I've always been a very political person, probably have that from my hippie mum, so I tend to get caught in the middle of squatting, protest marches and political riots from time to time.
other than that, right now I live with my boyfriend until I have my own place and get used to my new hometown.

I'd love some new lj friends who read and comment but also post enough so I can get to know you. :)
comment to be added.

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