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how now brown cow

Hello. My name is Danielle.

I am looking for new people on LJ. I had tons of friends, but they have all seemed to disappear and be non-active now. I like to communicate and comment.

I am almost 25, a free spirit(whatever that means), and I love life. Life is joy, adventure and magic. Yes, I am weird. I know what I am, am not afraid of my sexuality and brutal honesty. I tend to speak my mind like a child, and it usually seems harsh even in good intention.

My journal is mostly full of photos(self portraits, adventures, nature, inspiration, days in my life), pages from my art journals, poetry, my crafts. It's friends only, because some of the stuff I post is mature. I tend to bleed sarcasm and wit. I love music(metal to indie please, anything but country), drawing and painting, snail-mail.
In two years, after I get out of the Navy, I will have teal dreadlocks and be a stoner again. I can't wait.

Get to know me, I'll get to know you?


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