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Hey everyone! I'm Jesi, 22 and getting younger by the day. I'm from Argentina thus Spanish is my native language but if I ever get stranded on an island and everyone there speaks English I'm pretty sure I'll make it out alive....unless there are cannibals involved. I don't think I'd be a yumy supper at the moment since I'm running out of meat, I suffer from hyperthyroidism but we are getting along just fine at the moment. Needless to say I love to ramble.
I'm on my last year of uni babeeeeh, can't wait to get my veterinary degree. Animals make me very happy, as well as food and travelling. I have a massive crush on Australia :D I looove eating but who doesn't? :P And I'm also very lucky to have a mum that's always thinking on travelling with her daughters around the world. I can't spend a day without listening to music, to me it's like breaking the law same as not singing in the shower, so far it hasn't complained so I can't be that bad :P I like all music in English except the one that consists on shouting, that's not singing. I'm very outgoing but do enjoy the occasional "staying at home in my pj's with my beloved guinea pig, TV, computer and fridge" weekend.
My friends are my world and so is my family...most of the time lol. I think of going to the gym as a way to de-stress, I like moving my body, I realy enjoy going out to eat to a nice place, going to the movies and the occasional clubbing...typical things I know hehe. Anyway, I'll stop boring you now but I'm very much opened to new friendships :)

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