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Mmm... Hi! My name is Fey. I live in this small, northern country called Finland and I have my 20th birthday in August. I'm bilingual, I'm fluent in both Finnish and English. Among other things I love reading and writing, theatre, travelling, music and all kinds of geeky stuff like:

- roleplaying
- anime & manga (at the moment I'm sucker for Bleach)
- Stepmania
- web design
- fanfiction (het, slash and femslash.. I'm not very picky)
- Harry Potter
- Supernatural
- BtVS & Angel
- Terminators

...just to name a few. I also have passion for movies and acting. And history, I like history. I'm new to this account, I used to have two separate journals one in Finnish and one in English, but now I'm moving to an one single, all English account. And because I love to get to know new people, I figured this would be perfect excuse to seek out new friends.

My journal is set to friends only, mainly because I have some bad experiences with online-stalking and I like to know who are reading my entries. But, I'll add you if you add me and bother to comment somewhere a bit about yourself. *smile* After all, I'm here to meet new people.


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