Megala (Maria) aka Megan! (megala0519) wrote in add_me,
Megala (Maria) aka Megan!

Lurker finally coming out of the shadows!

Hiya! My name's Megan and I'm an extremely bored small town high school senior that spends way to much time on the internet and playing video games. I used to be into fandom on websites like forumns, but mostly just lurked around in livejournal (I might have been a tad bit shy) Now though, I am ready to start into lj and I'm also very hopeful about finding some fandom friends. I would love to meet anyone, so don't be scared to send me a message!

Here's a couple of my favorite things:

*Harry Potter
*Doctor Who (Just got into it and LOVE it!)
*Any kind of music! (Fav bands at the moment: Queen and the Decemberists)
*Comic books (I also have been reading some manga lately)
*Sci-fi anything
*Fan fiction (Any kind really, I'm not to picky)
*Old Disney Movies
*Last but not least, lightsaber battles

So that's about it, I would absolutely love for some of you guys to add me! I will mostly likely write about geekiness or some of my everyday things in my journal. Can't wait to meet some of you guys :D

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