skkayla (skkayla) wrote in add_me,

Hey, I'm Michaella / Kayla (which ever.) 19 years old. From England. New account.

I enjoy meeting new people also making new friends.
I can be shy at times, sacrastic at others but overall a nice person.
I am a Slipknot fan. In fact I love them to pieces.
I travel as much as I can. Mainly to see Slipknot really.
I listen to anytype of music really from Old love songs to metal, rock , pop. Most genres.
Honestly, I'll update as much as I can. I'm not looking for particular people to add me, any body is welcome to. I will comment on your journals when I can (that may put you off but I prefer to be honest)

Some things I enjoy / like / love:
+ Music
+ Gigs / Concerts
+ Instruments e.g Guitars/Keyboards (cannot play fully)
+ Friends
+ Making Friends
+ Im new to Xbox so addicted to Halo 3 - can't play it properly yet =P
+ Honesty
+ Smiling / Laughing
+ I used to be into anime/manga slowly getting back into it.

Some things I dont like:
- People who judge others.
- People that put others down or try to.
- Those who get 'keyboard happy' (being nasty and thinking they are big by being nasty to others online)

Add me and I will return. Profile will soon be friends only. I haven't been on Livejournal for a while.

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