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hummer at lake

exousia in add_me

ex to the o

My name is Michelle but go by the 'pen name' exousia or exo. I'm 26. A new mom with a 1 year old son. I believe that intelligence rules. I have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and minoring in Anthropology.

Things I like:
being a mom
colorful things
music - industrial, goth, 80's, raverish stuff
bubble gum machines
sunny days
the beach
garage sales
gothic macabre things

I'm looking for friends that are long term bloggers. I've been on lj for 8 years. I post the positive and the negative. I'm looking for open minded people. Please just leave a comment if you add me 90% of my posts are private.

This is the kind of jewelry I make: http://www.exousia.etsy.com
I hope to learn to sew better w/ a machine in the next year or so :)

I won't add people who post a lot of meme's, twitter feeds, or use common lj courtesy like putting gigantic pics under cuts etc.


Oooh, I love the jewelry you make.

I'm going to add you, because it seems we have some things in common.
Adding you back! Thanks <3
Long term blogger. I'm open minded and think it is your blog and when I have something to comment, I can comment but it don't mean I'm right or that you don't have the right to delete my comment or me off of your blog. Expecting my first child so though that might make us connect.

Added ya back:)
Hi there. I used to go an industrial/goth club weekly until they closed it. I've been blogging on/off for about 8 years but this a new journal that I'm trying to keep up. Anyways, I added you. :)
added you
added you
Added :)
Added you back!
Hi there!

Adding you as I've been looking for new friends with children -- I've been on LJ for nearly 10 years now, I've taken a recent hiaitus though, I realized that most of my friends online (while still great people) couldn't really relate to me in the phase of life that I was currently in (I had my first baby in May and am in a stable career and am 29 - while most of my friends on LJ are now in their early 20's, still in college or just finishing, and just generally interested in partying).

Not that any of that is bad... it just isn't me anymore, can't be taking the baby to the bar!

Anyway, if you try to look at my posts, most of them are locked, and I think the only thing you will see is the twitter feed that I left going after I had my daughter before I was willing to give up lj completely for a few months - no worries, that doesn't continue anymore :-P
As a side note - I completely didn't notice until just now - the girl who added you yesterday is coincidentally one of my best friends that I met on LJ - small world, apparently her and I are crawling on the same add_me community! :)
Adding you :)
Added. Great taste in music. Have a great week.

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