Heather Sutherland-Bauer (sutherlands) wrote in add_me,
Heather Sutherland-Bauer

I need new friends!

Hello everyone. My name is Heather, and I'm 22 years old. I have been on LJ for many years (under various different accounts), and I've just recently gotten back into it and I am in need of some interesting friends.

I work full-time in a daycare which requires me to like kids. I DO love kids, and my life goal is to eventually get married to a great man and have at least 3 kids running around.

I have a very dry, dark, and mean sense of humor. I'm just one of those people you have to 'get' in order for anything I say to come across right. I can be offensive, and I don't believe in being politically correct so to speak. If that bothers you, it's best not to add me. I also consider myself to be very creepy, and I like creepy things (within reason). I'm a huge fan of anything horror, and I've just always been attracted to dark things.

I mostly write about my frustrations with work, or post pictures of my cat whom I adore, or new DVD's I bought, etc. I am very much into pop culture stuff so that takes up a lot of my journal space as well. I like to make picspams of the things I like also (most of which are made public, so you can go look at my journal now to get an idea). I am a good commenter, and I would like for whoever wants to add me be a decent one too. Having things in common is also a given.

- 24/Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer (I'm in LOVE, and I'm also super defensive so haters aren't allowed)
- Tales From the Crypt
- horror movies
- music (my Last.fm), I have very odd taste btw
- collecting DVD's
- IMDB boards
- politics
- history (recently getting into..and by that I mean I'm reading this if that counts)
- Sandra Lee
- Marilyn Monroe
- caaaaaandy<3
- France & the French language (no I don't know anything)
- adult animation (Futurama, Home Movies, & Mission Hill specifically)

He is quite the ladykiller. ♥

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