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Hi there!
Gee here. :)

All my friends irl are very anti any kind of social networking, so I lack LJ friends. So here I am.

and now I will just copyandpaste things about myself from my profile because I am superlazy.

I am 22.

I <3 to snuggle.

I <3 making out.

I <3 dressing up.

I <3 making children laugh.

I <3 taking pictures of random things I find amusing.

I <3 writing stories.

I <3 making people smile.

I <3 laughing.

I <3 walking&having talks about nothing.

I have an obsession with throat slitting.

I find meat grinders very intriguing.

I'm pretty loyal.

I'm a pretty big dork.

I love Pixar movies. (Wall-E in particular)

I hate fake people. They drive me fucking insane.

One day, I will be a pin up girl.

My YouTube is JustxGee. Subscribe plz. <3

I refuse to grow up. And I mean it.

I have an extremely addictive personality.

I love affection.

It takes alot for me to seriously turn on you, but once I do, there's no going back.

I have a slight revenge complex.

I recently self published my very first book. (but I won't pimp it out, promise.)

And I would like friends. :)

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