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Hi everyone! I am looking for friends that are age 25 and over.

A little about me:

I am female. I turned 34 at the end of January. I'm engaged to be married. He and I celebrated our 7 year relationship-a-versary in late November. I live in Southern California. No bio kids of my own and no plans for them by choice. I do have the inheritance of a 15yo step-son as a result of the relationship I am currently in.

I have been on LJ since 2002. Yes, going on 8 years! Many people on my friend list have been on my LJ for about that long or longer. I keep my friend list relatively short and sweet. I am a perm acct member. Committed LJ-er to the bitter end. I average writing 3-5 entries per week.

My connections have depth, and right now it's time for some growth! I read ~every single post~ that my friends write. I comment on many, not all. Sometimes I am quiet, but I always do read.

I am a relationship counselor and New Age holistic healing practitioner. My journal is not fluffy about my work. In fact, I don't talk about work very much at all. I have exotic fish in a saltwater aquarium as my pets. (I am also a cat-lover. ♥ ) I assemble jigsaw puzzles. I am re-learning to play the piano after many years. I'm starting a rock tumbling hobby, and I'm very excited about it. :)

Domestic life, my cooking "experiments", and hobbies are what I write about most. Those entries are complimented by life's silly other adventures. I always have more to write about than I have actual time to spend writing things out. LOL. I also have some restraint as to not completely spam my friend page with a whole lot of nothing. ;)

I post TONS of photos in my entries. LJ-cut is my friend. Most every time you see an entry from me, I've got pics to show you of some interesting things. My recent entries that are viewable to the public are decent examples of the type of things I write about, and how I add pictures to go with them.

~~I'll be honest, I do not friend everyone back. Generally people with a hundred friends and communities to sift through are not the type of connections I'm looking to be a part of.

I'm not one to endorse anyone's drama on LJ. I've had enough experience on the site to keep the Jerry Springer lifestyle at arm's distance. Just sayin'. ;)

My world is peaceful. Life is consistently delightful. If your attitude about life, people and the world is not so happy and you are using your LJ as an emotional dumping ground or if life is in a state of upheaval in a lot of areas, please don't bring it to my doorstep.

My profile is located here. Most of the pertinent information about me can be found on that page. :)

♥ My interest keywords are plentiful, and they pretty much summarize my hobbies, my general thoughts, beliefs, and the perspectives I have on life. The more of those keywords you really feel connected to, the better our chances are for really hitting it off as LJ friends.

My "ad" here is written a little more seriously than in my natural, cheesy, cheerful and witty tone. Don't let it scare you. ;) lol

If what is written on my profile page resonates with you, please send a message to introduce yourself and add me.

You can reach my PM inbox ---> here. Thanks!

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