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hello :)

I think it's time I made some new friends!

My name is Mia. What's yours? :)
I am from London, but I live in Oxford for now.
I love Jack Johnson and conversation.
My deepest interest is getting to know people very well.
I love exploring, photography, laughter and sunny days.
I'm a very happy person in general.

My journal of late has been about my relationships but I am hoping to change that since it can be rather draining to write about all the time. I miss the old days when I used to write about what truly mattered to me about life, humanity, my values and my goals. I'm hoping to get back to that place.

I love to learn more than anything. I have very many goals that I will accomplish. That's a pretty huge part of my life at present. You can check out my goals by clicking onto my journal.

Pretty much all of my friends describe me as open, positive, outgoing, talkative, friendly and "the kind of girl who gets what she wants". I don't want a lot however, but when I do I am very determined and motivated.

I really don't mind who wishes to add me, so long as you're relaxed and you update often.

you don't need to leave a comment. add away.

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