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Hi, my name is: Taylor.

I am sixteen, and am graduating highschool. Yes, I've skipped two grades. [sarcasm] Yay me. [/sarcasm]

I absolutely love art. I'm thinking of starting a livejournal just for my art.

I don't put effort into things unless they matter to me.

My looks? Well, I'm a chick, so I have a chick body. I have long black hair with striped red and black hair at the front. I dream of getting my whole back tattoo'ed and multiple peircings.

About my Journal? I updated whenever I feel I have something important to say. I don't update for pointless diary girly entries. Those are stupid. AND, my journal is mostly poetry or song lyrics, so don't add if you don't get those that well.

All in all, I like to talk with people who have opinions on things. I'm a very opinionated person. Plus, they have to be able to joke around too. I generally get around with males better, but chicks are good too. So, just give me a shout or add, I'll add back.

I sing in the shower, dance in the rain, sexual innuendos make up most of vocabulary.

This is me. Like it or gtfo.


Favourite Musical Artists or Bands:
- Evanescence
- Alice In Videoland
- The Offspring
- Airborne Toxic Event
- Baxter
- Marilyn Manson

Favourite T.V. Shows:
- That 70's Show
- The Office
- Two and a Half Men

- Drawing
- Reading
- Writing
- Photography
- Philosophy
- Languages

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