electric grl (dupersessions) wrote in add_me,
electric grl

 hello. i used to be really good at describing/advertising myself to the masses, but it seems like that skill is fading. i guess i'll start with the basics: i'm a 19-year-old college student majoring in journalism although i am thinking of changing to english and becoming a librarian. i have an obsession with looking up random facts, wikipedia, counterculture (specifically the beatnik movement and kerouac), and world war 2. i have a passion for social justice and equality of all types, and i pride myself on treating others with the dignity and respect i expect to be treated with. i love music, reading, writing, and spending time with my friends. people describe me as everything from shy to outgoing to something in-between, which i think is the best description. i love late nights spent laughing with the people i love most, college adventures and going to ihop at 1AM in my pjs, and i love my dog.

my favorite tv shows are criminal minds, true bloods, svu, secret diary of a call girl, and bones. my favorite books are the harry potter series (half-blood prince being my favorite in the series), 1984, and walk two moons. i dig a lot of different music although i'm a big fan of corinne bailey rae, jason mraz, lauryn hill, wilco, weezer, amy winehouse, the cure, M.I.A., kanye west, coldplay, noisettes, drake, arctic monkeys, lady gaga, and sondre lerche. 

i'm very open about my life and i don't believe in censoring myself or my thoughts--i guess you can say i'm a bit of a mental exhibitionist. i add everyone who adds me, and since school is winding down i should have plenty of time to update and comment. hope to find a few friends :D

ps: my lj interests will probably tell you more about me than any of the (half?) coherent stuff i've just typed ;)

i learned how to make .gifs today. it was magical. 

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