kaylakinsz (kaylakinsz) wrote in add_me,

i haven't done this in a while and i'm itching for some new stuff to read.

my name is kayla and i'm 20 years old, 21 in june; i have a 14 month old son named bryce; happily taken by his father; i live with my parents and uncle...and three dogs; i work at the same place i've worked at since i was 13 years old; i don't get out to spend time with friends as ofen as i'd like to but i absolutely love my life; i like to spend time outside when it's warm and spend time inside when it's cold, other than going ice fishing; which brings up fishing...i like to go to the lake and go fishing in the summer; i have a past that i'm not super proud of, but i'm not afraid to hide it; i have some serious body image issues, but i don't let it affect my daily life.

i comment when i find something interesting or have something to say and i typically update on a weekly basis.  i like reading about daily lives and looking at pictures :)


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