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Add me =)

Well I've had livejournal as far back as I remember, I've had any type of journal as far back as I remember. I love to write my life down and stopped writing in here for a long time but I'm looking to make new friends :).
-I love life and am currently attending College to get a degree in Sport Science and Biology, just finished 3rd year.
-What I will do with that afterward is still a mystery! I love sports and staying in shape.
-I did judo for 8 years but knee surgery kind of ruined any future in that.
-I have an amazing boyfriend who I definitely have my ups and downs with.
-I love reading other people's journal's and will attempt to get back into using LJ often.
-I love animals and have two cats.
-I HATE read meat. Seriously ever since I was born it's made me gag. I'm also a PETA member so my hatred for red meat and that goes hand in hand.
-I'm one of the only people I know who likes to read.. and I have a soft spot for Nicholas Sparks even though his books are ridiculously cheesy and predictable.
-I LOVE traveling! I live for it. Not a year goes by where I don't go on at least 3 trips.
-I won't judge you cause I've probably done worse things.

**Don't add me if yu typ lyk this, and don't add me if you're a judgmental person because I make terrible decisions in life and will write about it.**

Anyway hope to meet some new friends since the ones I used to have haven't updated in years. Leave me a comment on here or on my page and I will add you since my journal is friends- only. I'm not too picky, but I prefer people sorta my own age (21) so if you're older and have kids, or 14 years old don't bother :P.

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