Kelsey (static__sound) wrote in add_me,

Posted this last night, but I was having technical issues so let's try again...

Hey everyone! I've posted here once or twice before, and I've gotten some great LJ friends, but summer is approaching and things are slowing down so I figured I'd post here again.

I'm Kelsey. I'm from Maryland, close to DC and Baltimore, and I love it. I'm 19, going on 20. I am a psychology major and I plan to work with autistic children when I "grow up." I work a lot. I have two jobs, just applied for a third and I go to school full time. I love being busy. I've been with my boyfriend since June 2008, and this summer we're moving in together and (hopefully!) getting engaged. I am in love and I talk about my boy a lot. I'm close to my family, especially my siblings. I'm pro-choice, all for gay rights and I believe in God, not religion.

I'm a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and I love the Baltimore Orioles.

Hobbies: Basically anything outside (camping, hiking, biking, running, walking, swimming, canoeing), photography (I shoot with an old Canon AE-1), writing, cars, traveling, arts and crafts, astronomy, philosophy, religious ideologies, Nintendo!, cooking, LEARNING anything I can.

Music: Something Corporate, Brand New, Explosions in the Sky, Lydia, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Nural, The Postal Service, The Dangerous Summer, Death Cab for Cutie, Joseph Arthur, Modest Mouse, Tegan & Sara Thriving Ivory, DJ Tiesto, Gareth Emery, Coheed & Cambria, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw. (Plus a lot more)

TV: Weeds, Dexter, Archer, The Office, House

I am an Interwebz junkie. I comment a lot and update regularly. Basically I want friends who do the same. I'm interested in people and real friends. :)

Let's be friends. :)

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