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I am 28 and I'm comfortable with who I am. I work and go to school. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years, and I have a healthy relationship with him. He, my friends and my family are my rock and my world.

I love how it's the smallest and simple things in life that make me feel free and appreciative. I like waking up each day and being excited of what the day will bring. I love being aware of my surroundings and all the feelings and thoughts they all evoke. I love being hungry for life and thriving off and learning from everything I do and everyone I come across.

My journal is about my thoughts, my feelings, a personal record of my life. I post pictures and I do the occasional rant. I have those low days, but those moments are fleeting for me and I don't like to let them drag me down for too long. I tend to record the high moments of my life, because they are the one's I want to remember the most.

I don't care about the type of music/movie/tv show you like - I don't care if we don't have things in common. I do want lj friends that actually use their journal as a personal journal and not full of twitter updates and meme's - and don't have the tendency to disappear after a month or so. I comment and make an effort to get to know my lj friends, and I actually want friends who do the same.

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