amy (amyjae) wrote in add_me,

i love the lj friends i have..but shopping for more :D

23/f/pa/wreck of a mess and loving it
I do a lot of bitching
I really, really like to bitch.  About everything.  It's really something I can't help and I consider it genetic so hey, what can ya do?
I work at a job that I hate, then spend time with friends that I love
I'm sarcastic, moody, at times offensive, and a bit of a spazz
I'm smart, but I can also be a bit of an airhead.
I recently colored my hair blonde and everyone's like "jeez, finally."

I am also kind, sweet, sympathetic, and try to be the first there for someone in need.  I love music, animals, girly things, and raunchy jokes.

If you're looking for someone with deep posts about their children and religion and peaceful life....move on.
If it amuses you that I sometimes drunk post, slam on my brakes just to watch my dashboard hula girl dance, can't understand why I have a probation officer when I'm the type of girl who uses Hannah Montana toothpaste and Hello Kitty bedsheets, constantly think about having a "let's burn my ex's shit" party, and go to the gym just to tan, then we could be great friends <3


Most of my posts are public, so, you know.
If later on you find out you hate me, then feel free to remove drama!
Oh, and I don't do those retarded "friends cut 'cause you haven't talked to me in three weeks!!!!" things.

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