BABY. (withoutyoursmil) wrote in add_me,

hey there, good lookin'

hi all,

my name is nicole.  i recently turned 23 (old age home, here i come).  i'm an english major currently interning at a canadian fashion magazine.  mainly i post about life, work, friends, etc., but my "fandoms," so to speak, are ggx2 (gossip girl and gilmore girls), the o.c., dc, gh, skins, 90210 kinda, entourage ... and i can't think of other ones, although i'm about to try immersing myself in glee.  i <3 reading, writing, all kinds of music -- really, all kinds -- shopping a ridiculous amount and gabbing.

i'm looking for some new lj friends who are actually interested in being friends.  i.e. not another notch on your bedpost f-list. 

P.M. me if any of that sounded even remotely interesting to you.

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