TJ (t_mak) wrote in add_me,

I once thought I was intelligent

I've always thought that if I became one with my surroundings then I would automatically be that wise old man that knew how to solve problems because he had such clarity like Obi-Wan Kenobi. To be the master. To know the force. 

I guess it doesnt matter anymore.  Because society doesnt have enough respect for leaders. We have cartoon shows to make fun of our leaders and masters. We criticize their being, forgetting they make human mistakes too. 

This is a dream that our world no longer deems important. We do not unify under one God, indivisible. We do not unify for anything anymore. There is no American. We are not a United States. We aren't anything. We no longer live to learn and strive for knowledge to make our lives better, we live to just get by so that by the weekend we have enough to drink and get high.


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