mary jane (mescaline_eyes) wrote in add_me,
mary jane

I decided to try this out. not new to LJ per se but I left a long time ago and now I'm back. I'm a 24 y/o college student living in Vancouver, B.C. I'm a photographer and visual artist. I have an ED so I will post a lot about that. I'll probably post a lot of my art and photography. I'm interested in art, buddhism, history, literature, meditation, minimalism, philosophy, poetry, psychology, visual art, body modification, feminism, photography, yoga, creative writing, painting, drawing, fashion design, hair design, mythology, spirituality, existentialism, travel and music. I'm sarcastic and brutally honest, hopefully that doesn't scare anyone away. I'll pretty much add anyone regardless of whether we have anything in common so add me!

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