microserf (greenyolive) wrote in add_me,

The first time))

Today is the first day of my personal  meeting with LiveJournal ...

I’ve just saw my sister off on the plain, feel a note of sadness inside. We spent a great week together, lolling and knocking ourselves out. It’s always like that.  You feel that time is so irrepressible and you are trying to catch every second to save the moment!  And I saved some moments, taking pictures all over the places we visited. I love photographing…adore it!

So, let’s cut the cackle! Yesterday, we found my old shabby dairy keeping my secrets and thoughts away from everybody but me. God, what a crap it is! We just could not stop laughing, reading it. Actually, the first note was made in 1995 (!!) Can you imagine it? Maybe, some years will pass and I’ll venture to publish the most ridic stories from my teen life)))

Now just want to speak and to listen…So, let’s begin! Your turn…


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