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copied from my profile --

i love life. alot.

zodiac sign; cancer

& [crab]. the fourth sign of the zodiac which signifies a deeply emotional nature. being under the influence of the element of water also makes the cancerian a highly caring, generous and intuitive individual. cancers are well evolved, even spiritual — the water signs are refined in spirit.

ethnicity; caucasian[mutt]

i have a very extensive mixture of cultural backgrounds and ethnicities thrown into my gene pool. although i'm not aware of my total heritage i do know that there is english, native american, jewish, irish, scottish, dutch, danish, and... wait for it.. african american. some of this info has been given to me from relatives and some i've found through searching - it's an on going process.

ink; eleven[sofar]

places where i have them in order of receival: shoulder, lower back, right side of abdominal/torso area, tops of each feet (center), chest piece, right sleeve, below the back of my neck on my collar bone, right ankle, on my right foot above my three smaller toes and above my waist on my left side.

random; all the small things

i am a girl gamer. :) i am addicted to world of warcraft, sims2 and recently fable2. i also love anime - with hayao miyazakiv being my favorite direcctor (his.movies=♥) sleeping has become a favorite pass time of mine whenever i can fit it in! i am, all in all, a very passionate person that takes everything to the extreme - there is no middle ground.


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