nefariousintent (nefariousintent) wrote in add_me,

If I should return before I get back. Keep me here.

What to say. Its so hard to come up with anything when the metaphorical gun is digging into the base of my skull. What do you need to know...
Zombies. Food. Chainsaws. Interesting people. Original thoughts. Smoking. A good story. Mania. Brains. People who are just hardwired differently. Curmudgeons. Sanctimonious bastards. Anyone who knows where the term jagoff orignated.
Insanity is always welcome here. I have no use for boing people. So if anything sparked an interest in your noggin send me a wave. I will be wandering in the shadows. Wanna come see what I see?
There Bella... Happy now.
Oh yeah. One more thing. I bite.

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