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Here goes nothin'!

I'm finally caving and posting on here looking for some new friends.  It's not that I don't love the current LJ friends that I have, but I'm hoping to find more friends that are at similar places in their lives, or at least can relate to more of my interests and the things I write about - namely looking for other parents, or other scrapbooking people, or both... but that doesn't mean I won't befriend other people too!  I do ask that anyone that adds me be able to actually use English - I don't mind some abbreviations and I use them myself, but if your entire journal is written "iDk LyK dIs" then don't bother!

Basics About Me:
  • 29
  • Female
  • Iowa
  • Not married, but I've lived with my other half (Aaron) for something like 5 years now?
  • I have one daughter, Averie, who just turned 1 year old.
  • I work full time and generally enjoy the company I work for and the people I work with.
What you can expect to see posts about in my journal
  • My  Daughter
  • Scrapbooking Stuff
    • looking for inspiration
    • sharing project ideas
    • storing ideas for later reference
    • projects I've completed
    • asking for opinions
  • Work
  • Family
  • Travel and Trips (though I don't take nearly as many as I used to!)
  • Day-to-Day Mundane Ramblings
General observations about my journal
  • Lots of pictures - I love taking pictures of my daughter, but also love taking pictures of everything under the sun and sharing them.  I usually put the majority of the photos behind cuts though!
  • Long winded entries -- if you don't like to read long entries, I'm probably not a good friend for you.  I type fast, so I tend to fill a page fast!
  • Lots of crafting posts.
  • Days of nothing and then out of nowhere 3-4 entries in one day... it's all a matter of how things are lining up in my personal life! 
I try to comment on my friends entries so long as there's something in there that I can relate to - if I can't relate, I often don't comment, but that doesn't mean I wasn't reading! 

So there you have it -- if any of this sounds similar to what happens in your journals, feel free to add me and introduce yourself!

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