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You think you know me...

Well, I'm Sarah. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am a traveler, a leaner, and a teacher. I'm a lover, but I can be a fighter, a philanthropist. I'm really sarcastic,I have a hard time admitting I'm wrong and a harder time apologizing. Don't expect it. You were probably wrong. I'm a logophile, a nemophilist, and a philomath. I am an artist, a writer, and a actor. A Sagitarius. I believe in magic, and love, and I do believe there are monsters in my room. I talk to my cat, I cry easily, and I love cherry pastries. I throw bread really hard.

I am prone to restlessness, impulsiveness, impatience, and recklessness. I am straight-forward, highly intelligent, clever, ethical, humorous, generous, open-hearted, creative, compassionate, and kind. I might get jealous and exaggerate.

I don't like black coffee, asparagus, or screeching music. Nor do I like burnt out light bulbs, Dean Koontz, or moths. I pronounce Stephen as Stefen.I get violently ill on 9/11 every year and I cut my own hair.

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