DiARY OF A SH0RT, FAT SHEiLA! (divinty) wrote in add_me,

I'm a 23 female from Central Coast, Australia.
I'm random and contrary and sometimes a bit out of control. But in a good way.
I have a fiance and a 21 month old baby boy. They're the bestest.
We own our own house and we're trying to renovate - I update about that a lot.
We're also in the process of becoming the proud owners of our very own bakery - My fiance is an AMAZING baker/pastry chef.
I am going to buy a new digital camera soon, so I want to start photo documenting stuff in my journal as well.

My interests include, but aren't limited to:

interior design, Greek (The TV show), Nine Inch Nails, writing poetry about random shit, anything vintage -- which isn't to sound edgy, I just like old shit, like keeping planners and making lists, loveee diet coke & pizza shapes. I like my baby, he is interesting.

I also love to go out and have a good old boogie. I love shopping and love fashion.

I'm not as boring as I sound, or maybe I am.. Who knows?

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