sparklecinnamon (sparklecinnamon) wrote in add_me,

Hello, my name is Mira!

I'm not new to LJ, but this is a new journal. Basically, I'm not going to write anything too personal here, this is just my outlet to post about projects, post pictures and share ideas with like minded people. I guess I would call this my "art journal." So here I am, looking for said like minded people! I'm specifically looking for other people who will be posting a lot of their own projects as well, but I'd also love to meet anyone with shared interests who doesn't mind a lot of picture posts (don't worry, anything over one image will be placed behind a cut)!

And now, some of my likes and dislikes:

Likes: Painting, sewing, vintage fashion, lolita fashion, making jewelry, disneyland, fairy tales, Lost, jungles, travel, traveling by train, girly things, gorey things, horror movies, ghost stories, pocket watches, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, aquariums, elephants!!!!, tide pools, open minded people, liberal people, victorian fashion and aesthetics, hiking, camping, animal rights, African Wildlife Foundation

Dislikes: really dark aquariums, flying on airplanes, Twilight, people who take themselves too seriously, closed minded people, homophobes, liars, cliques, peas, self pity, laziness, pollution, litter 

Umm that's all I can think of for now... thanks for looking! <3

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