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Wanna add me?

I'm Christina I am 26 years old and live in Grand Blanc, MI. I enjoy doing this like reading, wringing, art, swimming, watching TV, sleeping, going to the movies, finding concerts to go to and thing likr that. I plan to enhter collage this fall (better than than never) I'm think about going into either Social Works (but it pays bad), studying socilogy, going into the aspect of marketing to find how why people react certiam ways to certain this, which also was to do with socilogy. But even oguh about that batter. I also like to spend time with my best friends, the bestest one named Jason. Hes a great friend. I'd like to go into taking actual art classes and alsp photography classes too. I have also loved doing that. I am also a person who is young at heart. I know it seems sitty likr I like wearing Sesame Strret and stuff like that shirts. I enjoy making friends of all interests, so feel free to add me if you like me, even if we don't have alot in common, ya know oppoistes attract. :o)

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