Landon (21horrors) wrote in add_me,

This is only the beginning, sweetheart

Hey, I'm Landon; an old enough Las Vegas native with a love for crappy punk rock bands and things that are the shade of yellow. I'm all over the place, and I started up here in livejournal to find other people with my same interests. So, I'll just post a bunch of things I like, and if you like them too, jump on in- friend me, message me, what the fuck. I don't care. :) I like Glee, A Nightmare on Elm Street, fan fiction, lemons, macaroni, the brightside of things, a lot of different bands, 942 Gilman, Hell's Kitchen, and basically everything that could be possibly or possibly not related.

Sorry if my thoughts seem jumbled and the raving of a lunatic; it's hard to try to put yourself in a paragraph.
Me and Mike from Green Day, just because it makes me happy.

One of those stereotypical, common pictures. My hair is ridiculous.

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