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Hi there :D

Hi! My names Katie. I've never done one of these things so be gentle :D I'm looking for lj friends or friends irl. either is fine.

I'm 18 and living in Southern California atm. I'm non religious but I like all kinds of people.

I'm really into video games and Television, mainly because I'm very socially inept at times and don't have many people to go out with. I love love love the beach. I don't go too often but when I do a always have a blast. I have a dog and 2 cats. My brother has a bunch of fish in his salt water fish tank and its pretty. :D

I like fanfiction of all type, slash and het. I enjoy Star trek, Psych, Supernatural and Royal Pains fictions. I like lots of others but those are my main ones. I also love those TV shows and fangirl about them a lot.

If you wanna be my friend feel free to comment. ILUall :D

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