indian summer (airsymphony) wrote in add_me,
indian summer



my philosophy is be beautiful. there are scars on my arms. i wrote a novel.

i am:
amateur cook&baker
beginning photographer
free spirit
volunteer at children oncology ward

i want to be:
writer but don’t know how

x  God; food; fanfiction; sitting on a pavement; warm ground; all alone; lazy summer afternoons; meringue; half-smile; broken people; plastic bracelets; taking long walks; lace; palm trees; watching people; sand in forests; mist; being silent; classic rock; riding bikes; red nails; vanilla; random words; sitting by the window; sneakers; boys in smart clothes; thunderstorms; being lost; repeating dreams; san francisco; falling asleep to sunrise; hot nights; moist yellow air; feeling dizzy; control; looking bad; baking; talking to myself; grey; sea at 6 a.m.; hot baguettes; decadence; cassettes; instrumental music; laying in bath; shorts and hoodies; swings; doing nothing; 80s; being self-sufficient; poetry; not eating; freedom; sleep; writing stories; pureness; mental disorders; sun; hospitals; city nights; symphony of sound; forests; taking photos; tears; walls of concrete; white stone cities; dust; handwriting; nostalgia; hyperventilating

x  dead man; control; the sound of music; the cabinet of dr. caligari; i never promised you a rosegarden; girl interrupted; what's eating gilbert grape; ghost world; wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo; dead poets society; the fall; brideshead revisited; the pianist; grave of the fireflies; heavenly creatures; pocahontas; 4th floor; siekierezada

x  sonic youth; placebo; yeah yeah yeahs; pj harvey; velvet underground; beirut; nirvana; stare dobre małżeństwo; the beatles; joy division; soundtracks

x  neverending story; the brothers lionheart; the perks of being a wallflower; one flew over the cuckoo's nest; brave new world; little prince; norwegian wood; the bell jar; i never promised you a rosegarden; peter pan; all books by stachura, kerouac, vonnegut, salinger , wilde

i look for: writers. readers. people who look for truth in fanfiction. dreamers. food lovers. sun orphans&starry boys. outspoken and calm. living their lives the beautiful way. passionate. broken.

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