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Looking for some more friends & journals to read :]

I enjoy Faygo.

& taking pictures of myself.

Oh & changing my hair a lot.
I'am a person who is always constantly changing. I change my mind a lot. There are a few things that I'am sure about & things I know I want/want to do. But I'm still growing, still got things changing day by day.
So I forewarn you that my journal is a lot of jumbled writings, but it makes sense to me!

Name: Della or Holly
Age: 20, I'll be 21 on December 9th
Location: Orlando, FL

Please do not try to add me if you know me in real life! I have one person on here that I actually know, and that is enough, thanks. My mind is too private & blunt for the people I know.

I comment often, but not on every entry. So I don't expect you to comment on everything I say either.

I do drugs (to an extent). I party. I read. I write. I watch a lot of movies. I hang out with people a lot, but like to stay at home & relax when I can.

So if you have a problem with anything that I do? You shouldn't add me. I'll add just about anyone as long as you are not under the age of 17.
I do my best not to discriminate, so do your best not to discriminate against me.

If you want me to be just another number? Don't bother. I want connections and lifelong friends whether we're in different countries, states, cities or not.

Check out my userinfo. Comment the Friends Only entry & add me. I wont add you unless you comment & add me first. Feel free to tell me about yourself as well! :]

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