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oh, hello!

i am 23, girl, canadian. big geek, and looking for fellow geek folk. i love television far too much. i say that i love it because i love stories, and feel that television is an accurate representation of the values of our society.

really, i just love getting lost in silly worlds that aren't mine. (but, i do really believe the first reason too.)

things i love areeee!

television: star trek, stargate, battlestar galactica, buffy, angel, dollhouse, firefly, doctor who, x files, supernatural, criminal minds, farscape, lost, big bang theory, glee, merlin, and more.
comics: iron man, avengers, ultimates, runaway, kick ass, transmetropolitan, y.

i like to read science fiction and non fiction, and bestsellers are a guilty pleasure.

if you are a geek and television lover, i welcome you! if you are a person who writes well, is intelligent and open minded, i welcome you! if you like glenn beck and go to fox news for your news, i do not welcome you. i am open minded, but i can only go so far!

i have a degree in communications, and am working on degree #2 - social work. i aim to eventually work in clinical social work. i am a bisexual girl who is happily attached. i do have brain issues, but i'm not so bad. hi!

please comment on this link, as i have xposted this elsewhere. thank you!! <3

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