Tiffany C (charismacarlton) wrote in add_me,
Tiffany C

Hello everyone!

Hi there LJ'ers! That's me up there to see what I look like first.

My name is Charisma C. (or just Charisma lol) and I'm interested in meeting people all around. Some information about me...

I'm 19-years-old and I live in New York City. I currently go to school to study Medical Billing and Coding as a second career. My real passion is music; I sing and play the guitar. A total music lover. I like Paramore, Tokio Hotel, LaFee, Lady GaGa, Evanescence, Linkin Park, and lots more.

I'm down-to-earth yet caring, and sometimes a crazy chick. I love anime (but I'm not obsessed with it as I used to be), YouTube, cartoons like The Boondocks and Family Guy, unplugged performances, marble notebooks, red-ink pens, drawing, writing (avidly), and a whole lot more. What you will get from my journal is posts of what's going on in my life, little rants from time to time, stories of any kind, pics and drawings (soon!), and my music which will be embedded from my YouTube channel to here (I'll be singing covers and my own original material, which means very much to me). Maybe I might even do random videos one day, who knows? You can check my profile for more info on me or just ask!

Feel free to add me, I won't hurt you one bit at all and I'll add you back as soon as possible. I'm into meeting people and actually having FRIENDS on here. I comment whenever I have something to say, but you'll hear from me that's for sure.

You can even feel free to add me on these following:
Facebook- Charisma Ca , ,

I can't wait to see your journals and get started. Let's be friends shall we? ; )


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