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I'm ready to make new friends! :)

Well, I've just (hopefully) finished university and currently waiting for results. So at the moment I'm just following the motions. Currently living in Wales, then Southampton, Egypt by the end of July, then Brunei.

I like to do arts & crafts, and am looking for more mediums to explore. My theme for this year has been 'Experience', and I have to say it's been going well :) There's been quite a few firsts and I'm hoping I can complete my 2010 list. I'm a shy scared thing in real life, but I'm slowly trying to break out of my shell.

Fantasy is my favourite genre, in books and movies, sometimes in life :) I guess to get a better picture of the stuff I post, you can just check out my journal, see if we'll click.

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Chillin' at my first Anime Expo~! ^_^

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