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Hello! I’m Erica (nickname is Monti, call me whatever you like). I’m took a break from Live Journal for a bit, but with summer coming I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start up again. Plus, I’m looking for new journals to read. I’m 17 years old, but will be turning 18 next month! I’m from Long Island, New York. I go into Manhattan a lot.  But will be moving upstate in the fall to attend college where I plan to major in graphic design and creative writing. I’m very sarcastic, loud, and outgoing.


I love to read, and I read more then I should. My favorite authors are George Orwell and J.D. Salinger.

Current reads:




I love, love, love music. There really isn’t a point during the day when I am not listening to it. I listen to anything from the 1950s to now, so I have a pretty wide range. Classic rock is my home, though. I listen to it from all time periods, but I prefer 60s. But I have a special love for 80s music, and just the time period itself.

Some of my favorites:

-       John Mayer

-       Jason Mraz

-       The Wallflowers

-       Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones/AC/DC

-       Steve Miller Band

-       Third Eyed Blind

-       Lady Gaga


I’m a movie fanatic, and I tend to watch movies as opposed to TV. The only TV shows that I follow and True Blood and Glee.

Favorite Movies:

-Almost Famous

-Pirate Radio

-Across the Universe

-Moulin Rouge



Usually talk about:


-     My dysfunctional family

-       Dealing with my dysfunctional family

-       Summer

-       Music

-       Adventures with friends

-       Whatever the hell comes to mind

-       Art/Projects/Pieces

-       College nonsense


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