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Since I suck at describing myself, I might as well give you a brief bio of my life.

I'm Alexia, twenty-five and I'm strongly opinionated. I'm an Aussie girl living in Japan who was having a great time being single. In 2009 I met my boyfriend who quickly turned into my hubby after we discovered I was preggers. I must be mad marrying a man I've known for 3 months, but with the crazy divorce rate I figured we may be screwed either way, no matter how long we've known each other. We now live in Hyogo with our little boy about 4 steps away from my mother-in-law's house. Talk about fun times.

My journal is filled with ramblings of my everyday life, observations and...that's pretty much it. Sometimes I  post pictures to go along with my entries. Most of the time I'm pretty blunt about my feelings when it comes to living in this country.

So, if you're interested feel free to comment on my FO post over here. I'll pretty much add everyone, except for those who don't comment on the FO post. Also, it goes without saying but, what the hell, please add me first, m'kay?

Also here's my FACE
(what an attention whore, sheesh)

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