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Seeking New Blood and Conversations

The Basics:

My name is Kristy.
I am 32.
I am married and have one child, plus one on the way.
My hobbies are varied including: online and offline gaming, sewing, hiking, cycling(though I don't get to do it often), writing original fiction(I'm not above a delve into fanfiction at times as well)....among many other things that would take too long to list.

I try not to bore you, but let's face it you WILL find mom and family related stuff on my journal from time to time....after I AM a mom and wife. If you don't want the mundane, just don't bother.

IF these sort of things matter to you: I am bisexual (but committed to my husband), into roleplay(though bdsm and such matters are generally labelled as such so you won't stumble into them).

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