Juliet Rabbit (originalluff) wrote in add_me,
Juliet Rabbit

Hi! My nickname is Bunny.

I AM: 24 years old, athiest, impatient, creative, bold, an ex-anime fan (I don't hate it, just haven't been captivated by any in the past few years), brutally honest- I tell it like it is (on my own entries mostly)

I DO: collect ball jointed dolls, enjoy severe weather, play video games, World of Warcraft, draw, write, sew and do photography

I LIKE: horror movies, animals, spicy foods, body mods, pretty boys and literally all kinds of music, being hands on

I DONT: Drink, smoke, wear makeup, enjoy wearing shoes, have a high tolerance for idiots

I DISLIKE: Whining, quitters, people who can't spell or type coherently, arguing with my boyfriend, girly girls, the color pink, television

I HAVE: 2 kitty babies, a loving (but irritating) boyfriend, issues, a potty mouth <3

YOU: Are at least age 20, can type and spell in a mature fashion, don't do friend cuts every time the wind changes direction, post entries regularly, COMMENT, have something in common, use your journal for journaling and not just the constant spam of Youtube videos or links

Anybody who comments will be added back.

X-posted in the name of breathing some life back into my friends list

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