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Well a few things about myself

Well I'm an artist, I'm from teh US of A. I'm am also a poet. You will from time to time see me posting some of my poetry up there. And another thing is I graduated with two A.A's and one B.A. in Graphic Design. So I'm pretty nifty in that area. Let's see my favorite authors are Orson Scott Card and J.K. Rowling. And I love Sci fi. I also like the author H.G. Wells and Robert Heinlein. I love apples, the fruit :P and the computer. It's not because they are superior, but I love the interface of them and I've just had them for so many years that I know nothing else. And let me see I am currently disabled and have many physical disabilities as well as mental. So if you can empathize with that then I would be your best friend. Also I'm a ghost writer for someone currently. I can't give it away. I'm also trying to search for work through a vocational rehab program. I don't like handouts, but I had no choice when I was diagnosed with this condition. It was either be homeless or live good. So let me see if you like a kind hearted person and are one yourself you and I would get along together. Please add me.

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