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Hi, just looking for new conversation :o)

Well, hi there. :)
  •  I’m an upcoming senior at my high school which I am both thrilled and terrified of. I have an old soul but that inner child not wanting to leave it's comfort zone comes bursting out at the oddest intervals when I stop to think about how fast I'll be in college.
  • I  like literature and often I talk in metaphors because otherwise I have trouble expressing my feelings. I’m a walking spell check and therapist. Some of my favourite novels are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the Book Thief, and Those Who save Us.
  • I’m honest, sarcastic, and blunt. These are usually not very appealing qualities, but they make me who I am and I’m proud of them. I am also very generous, good with words, fair, and open-minded.
  • I don’t participate in the consumption of alcohol or drugs because they did nothing positive to my childhood.
  • I practice a vegan life style and my boyfriend does not, so I make him brush his teeth after his meals or I won’t kiss him.
  • I’m a very realistic person but even so, I get lost in my dreams. I have a photographic memory that aids me in the dissipation of normalcy, and I find myself wanting to leave my home more often every moment.
  • I enjoy expression, I have a passion for life, and I love writing more than I think I could write.
  • I am the girl you fall in love with when you’re trying your best to forget.
  • I promise I’m very friendly and loyal. I’m a Scorpio: our friendship, when it is returned with respect and sincerity, is for life. but I guess I'm an acquired taste.
  • I love music, not often very well known artists because I don't like the idea of mainstream. I listen to all different languages, especially Japanese, English, Croatian, and Italian.
  • I'm currently learning Italian and Croatian. The latter is not going quite as well as the first one. -_- but I'm trying. I take Italian in school.
Get to know me :) I'm on private. Simply add or comment here so I know you're adding.

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