feel my love (xo_oldgreggory) wrote in add_me,
feel my love


My name's Tara, but I also go by my username (or some variation of it). 
I turn 23 on July 8th, and I live in crappy, small town in Eastern Washington.
I'm "bisezual", Anglophile, a vegetarian, and I enjoy listening to indie/electronica music.

I need new blood, so I plan to delete the old and bring in some new faces :]

My current obsessions/people worthy of stalking are: British comedies, Michael Sheen, True Blood, Leslie Hall, Harry Potter, Noel Fielding, and this sketch:

You'll find poorly made macros, random sex dreams, and HP picspams on my lj.
I'd prefer it if we actually shared something in common besides both being girls or liking the color green.

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