Yutte Hermsgervørdenbrøtbørda (abcdefghijkimmi) wrote in add_me,
Yutte Hermsgervørdenbrøtbørda

I haven't posted here in many many years and I'd love some new journals to read :)

+ Kimberly, more commonly Kimmi.
+ Twenty years old; born June Ninth, Nineteen Ninety.
+ Photography/Graphic Design major at the local community college.
+ Monogamous borderline long distance relationship, no kids.
+ Massive gamer/anime nerd/Gleek.
+ Addicted to Hello Kitty, Portal, and making stuff out of duct tape.
+ [stupidly] Accident prone.
+ In my journal: Mundane life rants, a lot of complaining about my education/being unemployed/etc.

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