herphotolife (herphotolife) wrote in add_me,

hi, i'm posting here because i have posted with similar things before, and have found some great people for my rtas :]

i have created a new RTA (email group) called birdcage and i am wondering if you are still interested in joining??

ideally, birdcage will be... :
- a small, knit community of members from all around, sharing our lives together
- R-ingTA (replying-to-all) about our interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc...
- a very close and personal group, where we're all friendly, and share random things

* it would be good if everyone could send out an introduction/welcome email, introducing themselves to everyone - like you would in an LJ community or penpal letter when the RTA is set up. the first email you'll get will be from me introducing you to everyone else.
* 'activities' get sent out; things that should help us get talking & getting to know one another; questions, art, discussions, random questions, pictures, surveys, to do lists, etc
* it will be good if everyone takes part in these activities, and even better sends their own.
* 'diary entries' are written for each other & sort of use the email group as somewhere to talk about our lives and whats happening. therefore, everyone who is considering to join must have a general interest in lifestyle - we may all not have the most exciting lifestyles, but to others who have the littliest bit of interest in this topic will want to hear, and comment, on your life & what you have to say. don't worry, you can just chat, like you would in a personal journal or, again, penpal letter.

If you are interested in making a group of friends who might grow close, show enthusiasm into other peoples lives, like getting to know people and socializing let me know by little.linguistic.tree@gmail.com? hope you hear from you soon!

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